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  11.21.10 Christmas Pine

11.21.10 Christmas Snowflake

11.21.10 Christmas Star

11.21.10 Falling Snowflakes

06.30.10 Patriotic Distressed

12.10.09 Christmas Paper

11.02.09 Thanksgiving

06.11.09 Father's Day

05.18.09 Memorial Day

04.28.09 Prayer

04.02.09 Crown of Thorns

12.19.08 Christmas Eve backgrounds

09.09.08 Paper backgrounds

05.06.08 Mother's Day backgrounds

03.18.08 Easter Sunday backgrounds

03.11.08 Palm Sunday backgrounds

11.28.07 Christmas backgrounds

08.24.07 Wave backgrounds

08.14.07 Rays: one of the hottest trends in worship graphics!

08.09.07 Torn

07.31.07 Swirls

07.20.07 Church Steeples

07.16.07 Song title backgrounds for Shout to the Lord, Open the Eyes

07.09.07 Song title backgrounds

07.04.07 Crinkle backgrounds

06.24.07 Website launch: patriotic backgrounds
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